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There is nothing more beautiful than motherhood. The tender moments from the first kicks to holding your baby in your arms will pass by sooner than you can imagine. Our memories will fade, and soon all we will have left of the baby years is a photo. I am passionate about documenting these fleeting moments for you, and transforming them into artwork for you and your family to enjoy and to preserve your legacy.  

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One thing you quickly find out as a family photographer is that each and every family has their own unique personality. It shows in everything from their inside jokes to their shared smiles. So, when it comes to finding styles, why settle on the same exact options that feel copied and pasted from everyone else’s? […]

10 Houston Baby Boutiques Where Style Meets Individuality

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I wear many name tags, several of which include: baby whisperer, toddler wrangler, pampering coordinator, artwork designer, portrait hanger, memory keeper, joy-bringer, and new mom friend. Welcome to my journal.

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From the moment you get that positive pregnancy test, there’s a good chance you know exactly what you want for your delivery. Maybe you want a quiet birth with soft-lit candles and water available whenever those contractions intensify. Or, maybe you’re having a planned c-section after a careful conversation with your provider. No matter what, […]

A happy mom to be in a floral print dress stands in a park field at sunset holding the bump and smiling after visiting Marley And Moo Midwifery

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Preparing for birth can be a pretty overwhelming experience. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and browsed all the baby boards. You’re probably going to hit a moment in your pregnancy where all you can do is wonder whether you’re ready for this. I’m here to tell […]

A happy pregnant woman sits across a white bed in a studio while holding the bump

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One of the most exciting things in pregnancy is stocking up on all the best baby products. Whether you’re decorating the nursery or thinking about those long neighborhood strolls, you’re dreaming about the future while ensuring you’re fully prepared for your little one’s arrival. As a Houston newborn photographer, I get the unique chance to […]

A mother helps her infant son walk through a nursery in green knit overalls after visiting Baby and Kids 1st

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When you’re pregnant, you probably hear the phrase, it takes a village on repeat. It’s absolutely true. You need emotional, physical, and mental help throughout this time. The only issue is that your village can be pretty hard to find. How are you supposed to find someone to help you when even meeting someone for […]

Happy expecting parents walk through a park with arms locked

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Becoming a parent isn’t for the faint of heart. From troubles conceiving to those exhausting early months, those first few years are some of the hardest. You need someone who understands what you’re going through and will use their expertise to guide you along the way. As a Houston motherhood photographer, I have gotten the […]

A mom to be stands in a studio in a blue maternity gown while smiling after meeting Premier Doulas of Houston

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While hospital births are great for some people, they simply do not work for others. The truth is that you tend to lose a lot of control over your experience when you deliver in a hospital. There might be unnecessary interventions or insensitivity that can really complicate the entire situation. Plus, you have to deal […]

A happy mom to be sits on a garden bench holding her bump in a white maternity gown

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When you’re a parent, one of the first things you realize is how limited special occasion clothing can be for kids. Walk through any big box clothing section, and you’re either dealing with twenty cartoon t-shirts or an uncomfortable dress ill-equipped to handle your child’s many adventures. You need a boutique like Sweet Bambini with […]

A toddler girl in a pink sparkly dress smiles while exploring a park at sunset after visiting Sweet Bambini

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Buying kids’ clothing is one of those things that can be unnecessarily difficult. From the first day of your child’s life, they’re forming their personalities. You get to see how wonderfully unique they are, and you want to give them the chance to show that off! The same boring options from box stores simply won’t […]

A toddler girl smiles over her shoulder while exploring a park at sunset in a pink onesie after visiting The Itsy Bitsy Boutique

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Breastfeeding can be one of the best bonding experiences you can have with your baby. Unfortunately, it simply isn’t easy for many new moms. Sure, it’s a natural process, but there are also many barriers, and you’re working with someone who won’t stop falling asleep on the job. You could use an expert, and I […]

Happy new parents snuggle with their sleeping newborn baby in a studio while standing

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Music is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forces out there. What else can take a stadium with 60,000 people and turn them into best friends singing along together? Not only can music provide profound experiences, but it can also be one of the most effective learning tools for younger kids. Baby music classes in […]

A happy infant is lifted and kissed by dad in a park at sunset after some Baby Music Classes Houston

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There used to be a time when baby showers were dreaded events. All you had to look forward to were the same old games with the same old snacks and finger sandwiches. Luckily, we’ve come around and have started treating showers like the absolute party they deserve to be! This is your chance to celebrate […]

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