10 Houston Daycares With Quality Childcare For Your Kids!

A toddler girl with fingers in her mouth sits in mom's arms while being kissed in a park at sunset before visiting Houston Daycares

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Childcare can feel like a pretty stressful topic right now. There seem to be so many options for Houston daycares out there. But when you start to look at the price and the waitlist, it’s enough to leave you feeling positively exhausted. After a while, it can really start to seem like you’re all out of options.

As a Houston motherhood photographer, I get the chance to talk with parents from across the city. I hear all about their experiences trying to find high-quality childcare and what worked for them. If you could use some help with your search, I would love to tell you about the Houston daycares my clients have loved! 

A toddler girl with fingers in her mouth sits in mom's arms while being kissed in a park at sunset before visiting Houston Daycares

10 Absolutely Incredible Houston Daycares Designed For Little Ones To Thrive

Museum District Childcare Center

5010 Caroline St, Houston, Texas 77004

Museum District Childcare Center works to create a daycare environment that lets Houston children thrive. The center puts a large emphasis on STEAM while prioritizing play. Not only are the teachers exceptionally qualified, but they’re also passionate about what they do. They make sure each child can learn in the way that’s best for them. Children are encouraged to ask questions and explore the space that’s been curated for their intellectual growth. Your child will enter kindergarten feeling confident in their learning ability. 

Rice Village Childcare Center

2434 Sunset Blvd, Houston, Texas 77005

The same wonderful Houston daycare teachers behind the Museum District Childcare Center own rice Village Childcare Center. The center has programs for children starting at the age of 6 weeks. They utilize the Creative Curriculum starting at the age of 2. This research-based program offers age-appropriate lessons that take full advantage of your child’s curiosity so they can vastly expand their knowledge. Rice Village also relies on Brightwheel to ensure you are constantly up-to-date on what’s happening with your child’s education. 

A mother in a white shirt holds her toddler daughter on her hip while exploring a park at sunset

Kido Houston Heights International Preschool & Daycare

1307 Yale Street, Houston, Texas 77008

Kido Houston Heights International Preschool & Daycare is a school for children ages 6 weeks through 5 years. It uses a Reggio-inspired environment that prioritizes play. Not only does it have a large outdoor play area, but it also has all-season play equipment inside. The school provides a Spanish immersion program to expand your child’s cognitive and lingual development. Plus, they have an app so you can see what your child has learned while getting regular reports from the school. 

Avalon Academy

1616 Indiana Street, Houston, Texas 77006

Avalon Academy has spent nearly 40 years giving Houston kids an exceptional daycare start to their learning journey. The school offers programs starting at the age of 6 weeks. Your child will learn from age-appropriate lessons before shifting into kindergarten readiness around age 4. They have accredited preschool teachers who know how to make the lessons engaging for children. The school has structured schedules to help your child follow a steady routine and get the most from their time.

A happy mother stands under a tree at sunset while holding her toddler daughter on her hip before visiting Houston Daycares

Moms Nest Childcare

6666 Chetwood Drive, Houston, Texas 77081

Mom’s Nest Childcare incorporates play into all its lessons so your child can learn in a way that actually sticks! The school has programs starting at the age of 6 weeks. They get to know each child so they identify their unique learning styles. That way, they can adjust the lessons and ensure they can meet each child’s needs. Not only will your child be in a safe environment, but they will also be celebrated! 

TMC Tots Childcare Center

8389 Almeda Rd, Suite G, Houston, Texas 77054

TMC Tots Childcare Center has Houston daycare programs that begin at the age of 6 weeks. They offer extended options so you can have childcare that actually works around your schedule! As your child gets a little older, they will begin to learn from The Creative Curriculum. These structured lessons will work with each child’s learning style to ensure they can make the knowledge stick! They use specialty software that lets you check up on your child and always know what they’re learning. 

Mom and dad walk through a park lawn while playing with their toddler daughter in mom's arm

The Growing Tree Academy

5310 Elm Street, Houston, Texas 77081

The Growing Tree Academy provides daycares for all ages that will ignite your Houston child’s sense of curiosity so they can learn in a natural way. Their programs begin at the age of 6 weeks old. Your baby will have a space where they are both protected and fiercely loved! Once they hit the age of 2, the school starts to transition them to a preschool program so they can start getting prepared for kindergarten. Additionally, the center offers after-school programs and summer camps. 

The Garden Kids

3206 North Shepherd Drive, Houston, Texas 77018

The Garden Kids is a faith-based daycare that incorporates Bible lessons into their daily curriculum. The center offers programs starting as early as 6 weeks. They have both full-time and part-time options that will fit around your busy schedule. The teachers use the ABEKA Curriculum to create a foundation for your child’s education. Their part-time preschool is very limited, so they urge you to sign up early to guarantee your spot. 

Happy parents sit in a park lawn playing with their toddler daughter and a wooden toy

Little Blooms Academy

6415 San Felipe, Suite D, Houston, Texas 77057

Little Blooms Academy has been awarded a Parents’ Choice award because of its high-quality daycares in Houston. The daycare provides plenty of opportunities for families to participate so you can have an active role in your child’s education. They also offer early drop-off and late pick-up times to help out working families. Their infant program starts at the age of 12 weeks and instantly works with your child to make the most out of these formative months.

Great Little Minds Academy

1102 Dorothy Street, Houston, Texas 77008

Great Little Minds Academy prioritizes creating a safe and healthy environment so your child can have a fantastic learning space! The school has programs for kids ages 6 weeks through 5 years. They personalize their lessons to ensure the curriculum works for each child’s learning style. The center offers dual-language programs so your child can have an immersive way to grow their lingual skills. 

Your Little One Will Love Growing At These Fantastic Houston Daycares

Your child deserves a space where they will be safe and happy. With these Houston daycares, your family can have a learning center you will all adore! 

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