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A happy expecting mother in a blue floral print dress stands in a studio against a wall smiling after visiting a Houston OBGYN

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Finding a new Houston OBGYN can be a pretty stressful experience. The truth of the matter is that no one really looks forward to these appointments. At best, they’re exceptionally awkward; at worst, they’re downright painful and maybe even a little traumatic. You need a provider who will treat these appointments with the right amount of sensitivity so you can feel confident in your care.

As a Houston motherhood photographer, I spend a lot of time chatting with moms and discovering places that make their lives easier. If you have been looking for a women’s care provider, I would love to tell you about the Houston OBGYN practices my clients have recommended. 

Expecting parents sit on a bench in a studio holding and smiling down at the bump

Find Your Dream Birth Team With These Fabulous Houston OBGYN

Doctor Arturo Sandoval

1415 North Loop West, Suite 750, Houston, Texas

Doctor Arturo Sandoval is a highly-rated Houston OBGYN who provides services in both English and Spanish. The office is there for all your needs, including regular pap smears, prenatal care, ultrasound evaluations, and birth control. The office performs minimally invasive surgeries, including laparoscopic procedures. In addition to his exceptional care, Dr. Sandoval is highly knowledgeable about anti-aging technology. From procedures to top-of-the-line products, his office has exactly what you need to look and feel your best through every season of life.


1801 Binz Street, Suite 500, Houston, Texas 77004

Plaza OBGYN is a practice that was first founded in Houston in 1979. Over the decades, this office has figured out how to provide women with exceptional care through every stage of their life. They have served nearly 1.5 patients and have delivered more than 27,000 babies. That’s enough kids to fill over a quarter of the Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium! Despite their widespread work, you’ll never feel as though you’re lost in the system. This practice has providers who will provide care customized to your unique needs. 

A mother to be in a blue floral print maternity dress smiles big while standing in a a studio holding her bump after visiting Houston OBGYN

Woman’s OB/GYN Specialists

7400 Fannin, Suite 930, Houston, Texas 77054

Woman’s OBGYN Specialists is a practice that was opened by Houston Healthcare’s The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. This center is dedicated to improving women’s health across the Houston community. The office is run by two providers who will offer personalized care for all your concerns. These doctors are equipped to handle both standard and advanced OB-GYN cases. This practice is here for everything from high-risk pregnancies and minimally invasive surgeries to regular well-woman exams and pap smears! 

Southwest WomanCare OBGYN

7789 Southwest Fwy, Suite 400, Houston, Texas 77074

From the first visit in adolescence through menopause management, Southwest WomanCare OB-GYN is there for you through all your concerns! The center provides you with a team of providers to help you find the right match. Their prenatal care can assist with pregnancies of all risk levels and will help you have a more positive delivery experience. Their specialists can assist with birth control, regular pap smears, and well-woman exams. They can also assist with issues such as fibroids and PCOS. 

A happy expecting couple hold the bump while standing in a studio laughing and holding arms

Specialists in Obstetrics and Gynecology

7400 Fannin St., Suite 1200, Houston, Texas 77054

Specialists in Obstetrics and Gynecology have set out to provide unique women’s healthcare for patients across Houston. The Houston center is staffed by a team of OBGYN providers who are committed to educating you through every stage of your care. They will build up a relationship to provide answers that work for your individual case. You will be encouraged to ask questions to feel informed every step of the way. They can assist with general and specialized gynecological care and prenatal visits.

Total Women’s Care

2050 N. Loop West Suite 130, The Heights, Houston, Texas 77018

Total Women’s Care is a practice opened by Vonne Jones to provide women with a customized approach to healthcare. The center knows that no one understands your body quite like you. They will prioritize your voice throughout your visits and ensure you are always in control. The center can assist with standard visits, birth control, prenatal care, minimally invasive surgery, and the management of conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, and abnormal uterine bleeding. 

A happy expecting mother in a blue floral print dress stands in a studio against a wall smiling after visiting a Houston OBGYN

New Beginnings OBGYN

1570 S. Dairy Ashford Road, Suite 108, Houston, Texas 77077

New Beginnings OBGYN is a practice that features Dr. Barbara McLaren, a Houston provider with years of experience. Dr. McLaren has taken a lifelong approach to her education and continues to find new ways to improve her services. She has led the way in finding advancements in medical technology so her patients can have top-of-the-line services. Throughout her appointments, she gives every patient the attention they deserve so they can feel confident in their care. She will help you find the right approach to your health.

Hany H Ahmed, MD

1919 N Loop West, Suite 140, Houston, Texas 77008

Hany H Ahmed is a provider who takes a compassionate approach to all his appointments. The private practice can dedicate more time to each patient to ensure you have all the answers you need. He teaches his patients how to be proactive with their own health so they can feel their best for years to come. The center can provide assistance with general and advanced gynecological concerns. They can also assist with infertility management and prenatal care. 

A profile view of a mother to be in a blue floral print maternity gown holding her bump before visiting her Houston OBGYN

Rice Village Clinic

2414 University Blvd, Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77005

Rice Village Clinic is a center available through the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. The center strives to provide care for women through every stage of life. You’ll have convenient care that works with your busy life. They have on-site diagnostic services and a long list of referrals to specialists who will help you manage your care. The center is in-network with over 50 insurance companies and always accepts new patients. They can help you with everything from regular well-woman visits to high-risk pregnancy management. 

I Hope This Helped Narrow Down Your Search For A Perfect Houston OBGYN For You

Finding your new Houston OBGYN doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. With these Houston practices, you’ll have the care you need throughout every stage of life.

If you’re currently looking for more recommendations, I would love it if you stuck around! I am a Houston photographer, and I adore supporting families, whether helping them find local resources or working with them to plan dreamy photo sessions that let them freeze time right in their tracks. I would love to sit down and talk so you can decide if my style matches yours. Contact me today so we can chat!

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