North Houston Birth Center: Perfect Alternative to Hospitals

A happy mom to be sits on a garden bench holding her bump in a white maternity gown

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While hospital births are great for some people, they simply do not work for others. The truth is that you tend to lose a lot of control over your experience when you deliver in a hospital. There might be unnecessary interventions or insensitivity that can really complicate the entire situation. Plus, you have to deal with loud noises and constant interruptions. And while a home birth might seem like the natural alternative, they aren’t accessible to everyone. You need an in-between spot like the North Houston Birth Center that lets you deliver your own way without any set-up.

As a Houston motherhood photographer, I have chatted with many moms about their birth experiences. If you’re looking for your birthplace, let me tell you why more and more of my clients have come to love North Houston Birth Center

A happy mom to be sits on a garden bench holding her bump in a white maternity gown

About North Houston Birth Center

3910 N. Shepherd Dr, Houston, Texas 77018

North Houston Birth Center is a space that is owned and directed by Certified Nurse Midwife Kathleen Vande Giessen. The center remains small and intimate. While Kathleen performs the medical appointments, she’s joined by 5 doulas, all of whom have access to the center’s consulting OB/GYN physician. The center prioritizes comfort, providing a cozy and modern space for your visits and delivery. The center works with healthy women with a low-risk pregnancy. They accept most major insurance plans as well as Medicaid. 

Details of expecting parents holding the bump in a white maternity dress after visiting North Houston Birth Center


The North Houston Birth Center believes the best approach is through education. Throughout all your prenatal appointments, they will spend plenty of time forging a relationship and informing you of all of your choices. They will also help you figure out your birth plan and ensure you have the resources and the information to make it a reality! 

When it’s time for your delivery, you’ll head into the center, and your midwife will be contacted. You’ll have a comfortable bed where you can rest, as well as a jacuzzi tub in case you would like a water birth. You can move around as much as you need to get through labor. You will have a few hours to bond with your baby after delivery. Then, you’ll be released to recover from the comfort of your own home. 

Happy expecting parents snuggle while standing in white in a garden after visiting North Houston Birth Center


The center offers informative classes that will teach you all you need to know for your unmedicated birth. They can teach you to face your fears, use essential oils throughout pregnancy and delivery, and be empowered throughout birth. They also offer lactation support sessions and Dancing for Birth fitness classes. 

You Will Love the Experience Of Using the North Houston Birth Center

If you are looking for more options for your delivery, try out North Houston Birth Center! This beautiful center is dedicated to giving you your dream experience. 

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