Unlock the Potential of 5 Baby Music Classes in Houston

A happy infant is lifted and kissed by dad in a park at sunset after some Baby Music Classes Houston

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Music is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forces out there. What else can take a stadium with 60,000 people and turn them into best friends singing along together? Not only can music provide profound experiences, but it can also be one of the most effective learning tools for younger kids. Baby music classes in Houston allow them to grasp basic lessons while helping them get an early glimpse of working together. As a Houston newborn and family photographer, I get to chat with many parents about their favorite spots. Here are the baby music classes in Houston my clients have loved! 

An infant girl in a blue dress stands in a grassy park at sunset after some Baby Music Classes Houston

Discover The Magic And Fun Of Baby Music Classes In Houston

Prelude Music Classes for Children

3701 W. Alabama Suite 210, Houston, Texas 77027

Prelude Music Classes for Children is a local chapter of the internationally beloved Music Together network. The center offers several Babies Only classes where children ages 0-8 months can participate in developmentally enriching classes. The studio also offers family courses for children ages 0- 5, making it the ideal spot for siblings! 

The Music Class

3620 Katy Freeway, 1-10 and Heights Blvd, Houston, Texas 77007

The Music Class is a national program with several studio locations in Houston. The center’s goal is to immerse your baby in music early on so they can develop a lifelong love! Some locations offer a Music Class Infants program where babies and their caregivers meet once a week for 45 minutes. Each session lasts 10 weeks. You can also enroll in a general Music Class for kids up to the age of 4. 

Happy mom and dad sit in a park at sunset playing with wooden toys with their infant daughter in mom's lap

The Music Garden

11777 Katy Freeway, Suite #250, Houston, Texas 77007

The Music Garden was opened by Leilani Miranda, a passionate teacher with over 40 years of experience. This local class has additional degree teachers eager to introduce your child to music. Music is treated as a second language here. They will tune your child’s ear, help them find their voice, and invite them to discover rhythm. The location occasionally changes, so double-check your registration to get to the right place! 

Bay Oaks Music

2914 Cherry Mill Ct, Houston, Texas 77059

Bay Oaks Music welcomes students from all cultural backgrounds to take place in both general and specialized music classes. While older students can enroll in flute classes, younger children can try out their Kindermusik class. These courses are available to children ages 0-7. Your child will get the chance to move and sing along to educational songs. 

A happy infant is lifted and kissed by dad in a park at sunset after some Baby Music Classes Houston

Gymboree Play & Music

1990 Post Oak Blvd. Unit #X, Houston, Texas 77056

Gymboree Play & Music offers engaging classes for kids of all ages. This chain has its lessons down to a science! The kids’ gym has music classes that invite your child to move around to some fun songs. The classes are mixed-age and build up your child’s social and language development.

You And Your Little One Will Love The Fun Of These Baby Music Classes In Houston

If you want the perfect way to connect with other families in the area while encouraging your child’s development, why not try baby music classes in Houston? With these studios, your child will have an exceptional start to their musical journey. 

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