Tackle Infertility With 10 Great Fertility Clinics in Houston

A happy mother to be in a blue floral print dress holds her bump while standing in a windy park

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I wear many name tags, several of which include: baby whisperer, toddler wrangler, pampering coordinator, artwork designer, portrait hanger, memory keeper, joy-bringer, and new mom friend. Welcome to my journal.

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When you are battling infertility, the last thing you want are thoughtless accolades or anecdotes. Your cousin droning on about the Facebook post that helped their friend feels especially infuriating when you’re dealing with your 15th negative test in a row. You need a professional who will provide you with compassionate care that actually gets you results. As a Houston motherhood photographer, I get the chance to chat with many families and learn about their unique journeys to parenthood. If you are searching for a practice that will help you grow your family, I would love to tell you about the fertility clinics in Houston that my clients have loved. 

A mom to be leads her husband by the hand through a park at sunset

10 Incredible And Caring Fertility Clinics In Houston To Help Grow Your Family

Houston Fertility Center

9055 Katy Fwy, Ste 450, Houston, Texas 77024

Houston Fertility Center is a clinic that has been helping families find results since it opened in 1996. The office was opened by Dr. Sonja B. Kristiansen and uses state-of-the-art treatments. While the practice does not have weekend hours, they open early in the morning, so you can schedule your visits around work. The providers offer care in both English and Spanish. Their services include fertility evaluation, IVF, intrauterine insemination, Invocell, donor eggs, fertility preservation, and assistance with chronic reproductive conditions. 

Aspire HFI

7515 S. Main Street, Suite 500, Houston, Texas 77030

Aspire HFI is a Houston fertility clinic that offers some of the best infertility professionals in the nation so you can have effective care. The center has several clinics around the state and provides a beautiful space that invites you to relax as much as possible throughout your visits. They offer financing options, including financial assurance programs. You can schedule your initial consultation either in person or through telemedicine. The center offers ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, IVF, frozen embryo transfers, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection. 

A happy mother to be in a blue floral print dress holds her bump while standing in a windy park

Advanced Fertility Center of Texas

10901 Katy Fwy, Houston, Texas 77079

Advanced Fertility Center of Texas provides you with three easy fertility clinic locations where you can get the assistance you need in Houston. The center will start you out with an initial consultation so they can understand your health history. From there, they might decide to schedule either a male or a female fertility analysis. The center provides a wide range of services and can support international patients and those seeking a second opinion. Their fertility services include artificial insemination, ovulation induction, genetic testing, IVF, and third-party options. 

Inovi Fertility & Genetics Institute

3773 Richmond Ave, Suite 400, Houston, Texas 77046

Inovi Fertility & Genetics Institute has curated an environment where you will instantly feel at home. Their private facility relies on biophilic designs so you can enter into a state of harmony. The practice features Dr. Stephan P. Krotz as the primary provider. He is credited with creating the first artificial human ovary and has been recognized by Time Magazine. The office will start with an evaluation before matching you with the most effective treatments. They offer IVF, frozen embryo transfer, and third-party options. 

Happy expecting parents smile at each other while holding the bump in a park at sunset after using Fertility Clinics in Houston


920 Gessner Rd, Suite 2300, Houston, Texas 77024

CCRM provides you with fertility clinic care that fits around your Houston schedule. When you schedule your first appointment, you will be able to select whether you want to speak with them virtually or in person. They will perform a comprehensive evaluation before helping you decide on treatment options. The center accepts a wide range of insurance options as well as an IVF refund program. Their treatment plans include testing, IVF, intrauterine insemination, male fertility assistance, sperm and egg freezing, and preimplantation genetic testing. 

Elite IVF

2222 Greenhouse Rd, Suite 1800, Houston, Texas 77084

Elite IVF is an office with locations across the south. The practice was founded by Dr. Botros Rizk, an expert reproductive specialist. He has been a pioneer in the field with multiple publications under his belt. The office provides you with both in-person and telehealth options. They also have financial plans that will keep things a little more stress-free. The office offers several treatment options, including the revolutionary Davinci Robotics surgery. They also have IVF, fertility preservation, preimplantation genetic testing, and tubal reconstruction. 

A mother to be in a floral print dress stands in a grassy field in a floral print dress holding her bump after using Fertility Clinics in Houston

Family Fertility Center | Texas Children’s

6621 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas 77030

Family Fertility Center is a Houston clinic offered through the renowned Texas Children’s Network. The center offers inclusive care for every family, including single parents, individuals with cancer, disabled veterans, people with genetic diseases, and women over the age of 35. Their integrated network makes it a breeze to schedule care on the go. Their treatment plans include fertility consultation, male fertility assistance, ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, and reproductive surgery. They also offer a team of registered dieticians who will guide you on wellness so you can have an optimal chance at conception. 


1111 Uptown Park Blvd, Suite 02, Houston, Texas 77056

Kindbody is a center dedicated to revolutionizing fertility. It was founded by a group of women who wanted to provide a compassionate approach to modern-day care. They make it a breeze to receive help from wherever you are. You can start out with a virtual appointment or schedule telehealth appointments for a holistic approach to care. If you are looking for something a little more extensive, you can schedule in-person services. The center offers IVF, fertility preservation, oncofertility, and third-party donor services.

Happy expecting parents snuggle while standing in a park after visiting Fertility Clinics in Houston

SGF Houston – Texas Medical Center

7400 Fannin Street, Suite 1180, Houston, Texas 77054

Shady Grove Fertility–SGF, for short–is located inside Texas Medical Center Houston and provides you with a compassionate fertility clinic team that will be there every step of the way. The practice features over 600 specialists trained to provide you with both physical and emotional support. The center offers specialized care for single parents, people with cancer, and carriers of known genetic diseases. Their services include IVF, frozen embryo transfer, intrauterine insemination, ovulation induction, and assistance with timed intercourse. 

Houston Fertility Solutions

7500 Beechnut Street #308, Houston, Texas 77074

Houston Fertility Solutions is a practice offered through The Cooper Institute. This practice understands what an honor it is to be trusted by your family, and they strive to go above and beyond. They pride themselves on a cost-efficient approach to IVF so you don’t have to wait to start your family. They also offer a service for a very low-cost cycle if you donate half of the eggs from retrieval procedures. They offer additional options, including IVF and fertility preservation. 

Take On Infertility With These Great Fertility Clinics In Houston By Your Side

While infertility can feel isolating, you never have to walk through it alone. With these Houston fertility clinics, experts will help you throughout your journey. 

As a photographer, I adore supporting my clients through every season of their lives. If you have been considering documenting this chapter in your family’s story, I would love to be there for you. Contact me today to find out more.

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