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Happy expecting parents walk through a park with arms locked

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I wear many name tags, several of which include: baby whisperer, toddler wrangler, pampering coordinator, artwork designer, portrait hanger, memory keeper, joy-bringer, and new mom friend. Welcome to my journal.

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When you’re pregnant, you probably hear the phrase, it takes a village on repeat. It’s absolutely true. You need emotional, physical, and mental help throughout this time. The only issue is that your village can be pretty hard to find. How are you supposed to find someone to help you when even meeting someone for coffee is impossible? You need a professional trained in how to be an expert support person! As a Houston motherhood photographer, I spend a lot of time chatting with new parents to find out all about their best recommendations. If you need some help building up your community, I would love to tell you why Concierge Doulas of Houston might just be your group! 

Happy expecting parents walk through a park with arms locked

About Concierge Doulas of Houston

While most people think of doulas as a tool only found in the natural birth world, Concierge Doulas of Houston aims to be a little different. Yes, they are there for events like unmedicated hypnobirthing, but their goal is to make you feel empowered no matter your birth preference. The team is there for everything from home births to hospital births with a planned epidural. The center was founded by doula Robin Selvera as a way to help parents get personalized care every step of the way. Beyond birth and postpartum doulas, you’ll find childbirth educators, placenta specialists, massage therapists, and so many other experts!

A mother to be in a lace maternity gown stands in a park field at sunset while holding her bump after meeting with Concierge Doulas of Houston


As the name might have implied, the doulas at Concierge Doulas of Houston are kind of the main attraction. They will provide you with unconditional mental and emotional assistance as you transition into parenthood. Your birth doula will provide you with unlimited phone and email support leading up to your delivery. They will also provide you with an in-person meeting to review your birth plan and ensure you have the resources to make it a reality. 

Once those contractions start, let your birth doula know, and they’ll meet you at your place of birth so they can be by your side, empowering you. They’ll stay with you for a few hours following delivery, guide you through breastfeeding, and schedule an in-home visit. Then, you can start with a postpartum doula who will encourage you while providing hands-on help such as infant care and light housekeeping. The center also offers sibling doulas and night nannies. 

Happy expecting parents stand in a field hugging with hands on the bump after meeting Concierge Doulas of Houston


Concierge Doulas of Houston also offers private childbirth classes and hypnobirthing classes. You can work one-on-one with an expert and receive guidance so you can feel confident as your due date approaches! 

Do you need a little extra help right now? Let the center know; they’ll probably have the right service for you. They offer prenatal massages, belly binding, belly art, and placenta encapsulation. 

Build Your Support Village With The Wonderful Concierge Doulas of Houston

With Concierge Doulas of Houston, you’ll have your village for support as you become a mom. Check them out today and schedule your initial consultation! 

Are you looking for more ways to make this time a little more memorable? Then let’s connect! I am a Houston photographer, and I adore working with parents so they can freeze this time and treasure it forever. If you’re looking for your new family photographer, I would love to hear from you so we can have a conversation and you can decide if I’m the one for you! 

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