Discover 7 Great Houston Pediatricians For Your Child’s Needs

A toddler girl leads her family by the hand through a park lawn at sunset

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The thing about having kids is that they constantly keep you on your toes. Whether you’re struggling to identify the source of their illness du jour or trying to stop them from jumping across your furniture, you spend a lot of time worrying about their health and safety. One of the best things you can do for your child and your peace of mind is find Houston pediatricians who will talk you through all your concerns and ensure your child has all the resources they need to feel their best.

As a Houston motherhood photographer, I spend a lot of time chatting with parents about their favorite experts across town. Here are some of the Houston pediatricians my clients have absolutely loved! 

A happy dad in a grey polo stands in a park at sunset holding his toddler son on his hip

Find The Houston Pediatricians That Can Best Serve Your Unique Family

Concierge Pediatrics of Houston

550 Westcott Street, Suite 370, Houston, Texas 77007

Forget everything you know about modern-day pediatric care. Concierge Pediatrics of Houston and its pediatricians came to do things completely differently! Rather than worrying about the red tape associated with medical care, this office strives to provide accessible and personalized assistance. They use a membership model that gives you direct care from your provider.

With this concept, your child’s pediatrician can spend more time with your family and build up a relationship. This allows them to tailor their appointments and provide you with expertise you can trust. You will also have 24/7 access to your provider, so you’re not getting bounced around the nurse’s lines. Additionally, you bid farewell to long wait times. You can get same-day visits and see your doctor almost right away. 

Children’s Memorial Hermann Pediatrics

3525 W. Holcombe Blvd, Houston, Texas 77025

Children’s Memorial Hermann Pediatrics is located on the second floor of the Memorial Hermann office and provides a knowledgeable team of expert Houston pediatricians ready to answer all of your questions. The center makes it a breeze to manage your child’s care day or night. With their patient portal, you can request medical records, schedule appointments, and pay any bills. The center emphasizes evidence-based information and will be sure to provide you with all the answers you need so you can feel confident in your child’s care. They can also provide you with the specialists you need for advanced treatment. 

A toddler girl leads her family by the hand through a park lawn at sunset

Peekaboo Pediatrics

1740 W 27th St Ste 305, Houston, Texas 77008-1437

Since 1975, Peekaboo Pediatrics has been providing families with personalized care. Dr. Heena Thakkar started the center, and now features her daughter, Dr. Shilpa Pankaj, who works alongside her. This unique mother-daughter practice keeps their love of family at the heart of all they do. They offer complimentary interviews for new parents so you can decide whether this is the practice for you. They have access to all the best specialists so you can get comprehensive care for your family. They also have an after-hours number and will help you know whether or not you need to take your child to an urgent care center. 

Texas Children’s Pediatrics

12620 Woodforest Blvd, Suite 150, Houston, Texas 77015

Texas Children’s Pediatrics is a Houston center that strives to make your child’s pediatrician appointments as comfortable as possible for every family member. The center has a team of pediatricians who have long been considered some of the best in the nation. They treat your child’s health as a partnership, keeping you informed every step of the way so you can confidently make educated decisions. Plus, the full-service providers will ensure you have both general and specialized help through every season of your child’s adolescence. The center has several urgent care centers around the area, so you always have immediate help when needed. 

Happy parents stand under an oak tree in a park hugging with their toddler son and daughter hugging in front of them

HG Pediatrics

1919 North Loop W, Suite 420, Houston, Texas 77008

HG Pediatrics is a smaller practice that Dr. Homero Garza opened. With this office, you will instantly feel like you’re part of the family! The center is exceptionally flexible, offering both same-day and virtual visits so your child doesn’t have to wait to be seen. They also accept walk-ins. The center will be there for you from the very first few days of your child’s life. They offer newborn care, well-child visits, sick visits, allergy care, asthma care, and more. Their website is a rich resource with information about common childhood ailments, so you can stop by and see if you need to be concerned about your child’s current symptoms. 

Maeville Pediatrics

7900 Fannin Street, Suite 1400, Houston, Texas 77054

Maeville Pediatrics is a Houston practice that brings positivity to all of its pediatrician appointments. The center features Dr. Martha Mae Sissa as the primary provider. A mom herself, Dr. Sissa knows all about how stressful managing your child’s care can be. In addition to her general care appointments, she has expertise in breastfeeding and will work with you to meet your nursing goals. Dr. Sissa has gone out of her way to fill the office with other providers who will ensure your child always has the best care. They offer well-child visits, sick visits, sports physicals, and telemedicine. You can also book a tour of the office before your baby arrives. 

A toddler boy sits on a picnic blanket in a park with his younger sister at sunset after visiting Houston Pediatricians

Park Plaza Pediatrics

1213 Hermann Dr, Suite #770, Houston, Texas 77004

Park Plaza Pediatrics has provided compassionate care since its inception in 2007. The practice has locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Beaumont, and its Houston office. No matter where you go, you can expect seamless care from some of the best providers around! They put all their patients first and will treat your entire family with the respect they deserve. Their pediatric department features several pediatricians as well as a nurse practitioner. They have easy-to-access resources for every stage of your child’s care, starting from the very first days of their life. 

I Hope You Just Found Your Family’s Dream Houston Pediatricians

Being a parent isn’t for the faint of heart. That’s why you need great Houston pediatricians who will be with you to help you manage every stage of your child’s care. Check out these offices now so you can find the one where your family belongs! 

A toddler boy and girl play in a park lawn with their mom and dad before visiting Houston Pediatricians

If you’re looking for more local recommendations, you’ve come to the right place! I am a Houston photographer, and I adore supporting families, whether I’m telling them about local resources or helping them plan dreamy photo sessions. If you’ve been considering booking a session, I would love to sit down and have a conversation so you can decide if my style matches yours. Let’s chat soon!

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