11 Houston Prenatal Massage Centers for Ultimate Relaxation

A mom to be in a blue maternity dress smiles down to her bump while standing in a tropical garden before a Houston Prenatal Massage

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It is no great secret that pregnancy can be pretty rough on your body. While it’s endlessly exciting to log into your app of choice each week and see the newest size comparison of your baby, all that rapid growth is killing your back while causing some other uncomfortable symptoms to flare up. You need some TLC right now; a Houston prenatal massage is a great way to get it! As a Houston motherhood photographer, I get to chat with many new and expectant moms about all their favorite prenatal wellness spots. Here are their favorite Houston prenatal massage studios in the city! 

Happy expecting parents walk hand in hand down a park sidewalk laughing at sunset

Take Some Time To Care For Your Body By Visiting These Studios For A Houston Prenatal Massage

The NOW Massage 

373 W. 19th Street, Houston, Texas 77008

The NOW Massage is a wellness center with options for every stage of life. This cozy spot was built for relaxation with natural materials and raw elements, creating a serene environment. Their prenatal massages are available in Houston starting after 12 weeks. Not only will they decrease swelling and calm your aches and pains, but their massages will also increase your sleep quality for a more restful pregnancy!  

The Petite Retreat

1119 Roy Street, Houston, Texas 77007

As its name might have already told you, The Petite Retreat strives to be a relaxing paradise where you can escape from everyday life’s worries. They offer a wide range of services that last anywhere from one magical hour to an entire day. Their prenatal massage is available in 1-1.5 hour increments. Before they start on your back, they will provide you with a consultation to personalize their services to your needs. 

Details of a blue butterfly resting on the pregnant bump of a mother to be in a white maternity dress

Blossom Massage

1416 Durham Drive, Houston, Texas 77007

Blossom Massage is an award-winning Houston center that aims to give you the best prenatal massage of your entire life. They have services for all your needs and provide therapeutic massages in a spa-like environment. Their prenatal massages are available for appointments lasting 60, 75, or 90 minutes. For safety reasons, they request that you wait until your second trimester begins to book your services. They offer prepaid package deals so you can book and save!  

504 W. Gray Street, Houston, Texas 77019

NavaDeMassage offers a curated list of services guaranteed to help you unwind. The spa uses the art of Thai massage to target overworked muscles and increase your body’s function. Their prenatal massages are designed to regulate hormone levels while decreasing back pains and other discomforts. You can book services that last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

A butterfly sits on the pregnant bump of a mom to be while she stands in a garden with her husband

Zalla Massage

1411 Haddon St, Houston, Texas 77006

Zalla Massage is located in a positively adorable house in the Houston Montrose neighborhood, offering fantastic prenatal massages. The spa has taken the time to find highly trained massage therapists who can relieve your overworked muscles so your entire body can feel its best. The center offers prenatal massages focusing on your lower back and gluteus muscles before moving onto your feet. You can speak to them about an in-home or in-hospital postpartum massage after delivery. 

Sanctuary Day Spa 

1701 S. Shepherd, Suite C, Houston, Texas 77019

Sanctuary Day Spa offers massages that are guaranteed to eliminate all that building stress. They have signature massages for both individuals and couples, so you have the perfect place to go for your next date night. Their prenatal massages last from 45 to 75 minutes and have been carefully formulated for your changing body. They will position you throughout so that you can stay both safe and comfortable. 

A mom to be in a blue maternity dress smiles down to her bump while standing in a tropical garden before a Houston Prenatal Massage

Massage Heights 

2625 Louisiana Street, Suite H, Houston, Texas 77006

Massage Heights is a center that makes it a piece of cake to book repeat visits. They have affordable membership plans that let you schedule multiple appointments as often as needed. They start each appointment with a ten-minute consultation so they can get a thorough understanding of your body’s current needs. From there, they can adjust their services accordingly. Their Houston spa offers prenatal massages for up to 120 minutes. 

Health Land Therapy

3209 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, Texas 77098

Health Land There is another spa that specializes in Thai massage. This spa provides a lovely space where you can lie down and feel your worries melt away. They offer a full range of services that will benefit you through every stage of life. Their prenatal massages will last 60 or 90 minutes. They use many of the same movements as Swedish massage with a few modifications to ensure you and your baby remain safe. 

A mom to be stands in the chest of her husband while being hugged in a botanical garden greenhouse before a Houston Prenatal Massage

River Oaks Advanced Bodywork

3930 Gibson Suite B, Houston, Texas 77007

River Oaks Advanced Bodywork is a total wellness center dedicated to providing holistic services that will leave you feeling restored. The center offers facials, spa treatments, reiki therapy, and reflexology alongside its specialty massages. Its Houston prenatal massages last 90 minutes and will provide relief from a number of different discomforts, including stiff neck and leg cramps. They ask that you wait until after the first trimester to book your services. 

Motherhood Center

3701 W. Alabama Ste 230, Houston, Texas 77027

Motherhood Center is a space that strives to help new moms through every step of growing their families. The center offers doulas, night nurses, nannies, and temporary care so you can get that postpartum date you need. Their massages are provided by professionals who have been thoroughly trained in treating expectant moms. Once your baby is born, you can come in for a postpartum massage and even receive childcare so you can give your body some much-needed attention! 

A Plus Massage Therapeutic & Wellness

9285 S Main Street, Houston, Texas 77025

A Plus Massage Therapeutic & Wellness gives you flexible hours to stop in whenever you need exceptional services! The Thai massage salon offers prenatal massages targeting tired and sore muscles while ensuring you are as safe as possible. Their expert services can even help balance hormones and prevent postpartum mood disorders. The spa sells memberships so you can come in throughout your entire pregnancy. 

You Deserve To Ease Some Aches And Pains With A Visit To Wonderful Houston Prenatal Massage Studios

Trust me, you deserve the chance to show your body some love by booking a massage! With these Houston prenatal massage spas, you can book the holistic services you need to feel your best. 

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