6 Studios Providing Houston Prenatal Yoga to Stay Active

A smiling mom to be leans into the chest of her husband in a studio while they smile at the bump

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If we’re being honest, fitness classes are probably the last thing on your mind throughout pregnancy. The fact is that your body is constantly at work performing the nearly impossible. It’s no wonder why you’re tired all the dang time! Frustratingly enough, staying active is one of the best ways to prepare for delivery while also helping that unending fatigue. If you need something that’s not as taxing on you while still getting your baby into the proper position, you might want to consider Houston prenatal yoga.

Not only will this build your endurance and help your body adjust to the constant changes, but it will also help you meet some other moms who are going through the same exact experience. As a Houston motherhood photographer, I get the chance to chat with tons of parents about their favorite local spots. If you are considering signing up for a Houston prenatal yoga class, here are the ones I always recommend! 

Feel Better In Your Pregnant Body With Some Houston Prenatal Yoga

Alcove Yoga

637 Cortlandt St, Houston, Texas 77007

Alcove Yoga is a Houston studio that was opened up by prenatal yoga instructor Pauline Schloesser. Pauline specialized in Iyengar Yoga and discovered the style during her own pregnancy in 2002. This method focuses on aligning joints so you can avoid injury, especially at a time when your relaxin levels are already at their highest. The studio offers sessions through every stage of life, including menopause.

Their prenatal classes are all in-person, so Pauline can work alongside you and make sure you are using the proper technique. She limits each class size to eight students and gives each person the attention they need. Since starting out, Pauline has worked with over 1,000 pregnant students, making her one of the most experienced instructors around. 

Details of expecting parents holding the bump in their hands

Motherhood Center

3701 W. Alabama Ste 230, Houston, Texas 77027

Motherhood Center is a group that’s here to support you throughout all of early parenthood. Seriously, this Houston center is equipped with prenatal yoga instructors, doulas, nannies, newborn care specialists, and more. They offer gentle prenatal yoga classes that will help you feel centered in the midst of all the changes you’re currently experiencing. Their holistic courses will lead you through poses that will improve your strength and help your body feel prepared for childbirth. At the same time, they will help you create a bond for your baby well before they’re even born. They offer individual class passes and bundle sessions. You can also book a private yoga session so you can have one-on-one guidance. 

A smiling mom to be leans against a wall in a studio with a hand in her hair in a white lace maternity gown before some Houston Prenatal Yoga

Lost Lotus Yoga

114 E 5th Street Suite 3, Houston, Texas 77007

Lost Lotus Yoga is a studio that seeks to be a safe space for all. They worked hard on their location, creating a boutique atmosphere that invites relaxation from the second you walk through the door. Their goal is to help you connect with yourself. You will be able to select from a list of classes with fully customizable moves so you can play around and find what feels good for your body.

Their list of classes will help you with everything from building up your strength to getting your life back in order. They have both prenatal and postnatal yoga so you can care for yourself through all seasons. Their prenatal yoga will prioritize breathwork while building up strength for delivery. 

A brunette mother to be lays on a bed holding her bump in a white maternity gown before some Houston Prenatal Yoga

The Studio Be

714 Yale Street, Suite 4A, Houston, Texas 77007

The Studio Be is a space that’s dedicated to keeping people in optimal health through each season of life. Their fitness classes feature modalities so you can move at a pace that’s right for your body. There are two studios around the Houston area, including in Montrose and in the Heights. They offer Houston prenatal yoga classes that invite you to bring your own birth ball. With this option, you will be able to learn how to incorporate the ball into your moves as well as how you can use it throughout the birth.

If you would prefer, you can come to one of their standard prenatal classes, where you will learn how to connect with your body. On top of preparing your body for delivery, they will create a foundation for your postpartum recovery. 

Happy new parents hold the bump while standing in a studio before some Houston Prenatal Yoga

Full Circle Family Services

2636 South Loop West, Suite #550, Houston, Texas 77054

Full Circle Family Services is here for every aspect as you grow your family. This fabulous center was started by a midwife/mom who is pretty familiar with the process of growing your family. You can also find childbirth educators, doulas, and student midwives. Their yoga classes are as much about building up your community as they are about preparing you for delivery. Throughout each course, your instructor will spend time honoring your journey and ensuring you have all the love you need for a happy introduction into parenthood. Once your baby arrives, be sure to join them for their Open Gym for Littles.

A smiling mom to be leans into the chest of her husband in a studio while they smile at the bump


Joy Yoga Center

1415 S. Voss Road, Suite 280, Houston, Texas 77057

Joy Yoga Center is a studio on a mission! This center has two area locations that are committed to creating a more diverse yoga community. They invite students of all backgrounds and abilities to work on their practice. Their prenatal sessions are dedicated to helping you build up strength that will get you through labor and delivery. Throughout each class, you will also spend time relaxing so you can give your body the love and respect it could use right about now. They use a flexible schedule, so you will be able to stop by at the times that work for you. In addition to their prenatal classes, they have a list of standard options that are pregnancy-safe. 

You Will Love The Feeling After Some Fantastic Houston Prenatal Yoga

You deserve to spend some time focusing on yourself while preparing for labor. Check out these Houston prenatal yoga studios so you can schedule your first class. 

Are you searching for more ways to get ready for your newest arrival? Then I would love to connect. I am a Houston motherhood photographer, and I adore working with families so they can celebrate this unforgettable time. If you’ve been considering booking a session, let’s sit down and chat so you can decide whether I’m the photographer for you! Contact me today to get the conversation started.

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