Marley And Moo Midwifery: Your Partner for a Dream Birth

A happy mom to be in a floral print dress stands in a park field at sunset holding the bump and smiling after visiting Marley And Moo Midwifery

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I wear many name tags, several of which include: baby whisperer, toddler wrangler, pampering coordinator, artwork designer, portrait hanger, memory keeper, joy-bringer, and new mom friend. Welcome to my journal.

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From the moment you get that positive pregnancy test, there’s a good chance you know exactly what you want for your delivery. Maybe you want a quiet birth with soft-lit candles and water available whenever those contractions intensify. Or, maybe you’re having a planned c-section after a careful conversation with your provider. No matter what, you want an advocate who will be there to ensure your birth plan becomes a reality. As a Houston motherhood photographer, I get to chat with many new moms about their birth plans. If you’re searching for someone to help you have your dream birth experience, let me tell you what you can expect from Marley and Moo Midwifery

Happy expecting parents stand in a park as their toddler daughter reaches up to the bump

About Marley And Moo Midwifery

Marley and Moo Midwifery is a center that will ensure you feel prepared for every part of parenthood! The center was founded by Latina, a DONA-certified doula. Latina is a mother herself and was inspired to start the company after she realized how little information was available to new moms. Now, she works with families so she can empower them with information! Today, Marley and Moo Midwifery is an award-winning center assisting families in Houston and Phoenix. 

A happy mom to be in a floral print dress stands in a park field at sunset holding the bump and smiling after visiting Marley And Moo Midwifery


Marley and Moo Midwifery offers doulas for your birth and the postpartum stage. Leading up to your birth, the team will provide you with non-judgemental support. No, seriously! Whatever you want for your birth, they will ensure it’s a reality. They assist in every birthplace and with pretty much every birth plan. They will get to the heart of what you want for your delivery and ensure you have the right experience. 

Once those contractions start, you will contact your doula, and they will be by your side throughout the entire process. They will serve as your advocate and provide you with holistic pain management options if you’d like. Following your baby’s birth, they can provide postpartum care to help you recover. Your postpartum doula will help with light housework, care for your infant, support your feeding decisions, and provide you with encouragement. Additionally, the center offers sibling doulas who will work with your older child and ease them through this transition. 

A mom to be in a floral print dress stands in a field at sunset with her husband after visiting Marley And Moo Midwifery


On top of their doula services, Marley and Moo Midwifery offers postpartum care that will have you recovering in no time! Their postpartum wellness packages include belly binding that will pull in separated abdominal muscles, reduce your risk of added stretch marks, and decrease postpartum bleeding. They also offer placenta encapsulation. You will be able to get capsules, a salve, a tincture, and a cord keepsake made following your delivery. 

You Deserve To Love Your Birth Experience, And Marley And Moo Midwifery Wants To Help

With Marley and Moo Midwifery, you can have a happier delivery and postpartum experience. Contact them today to find your doula!

Are you looking for other ways to prepare for your delivery? Then I would love to connect! I am a Houston photographer, and I adore working with parents to ensure they have gorgeous memories of this lovely stage. If you have been looking for a photographer, I would love to sit down and have a conversation so you can decide if my style matches yours. Let’s chat soon!

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