Find Relief at 8 Centers For Pelvic Floor Therapy In Houston

A mother cradles her sleeping newborn baby while laying on a bed

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Pregnancy is one of the wildest experiences imaginable. You spend the majority of those nine months absolutely amazed at the work your body is doing. Unfortunately, once your baby is born, you might continue to feel some discomforts that are the direct result of growing and delivering a baby. While incontinence might have become a bit of an inside mom joke, it’s anything but funny when you have to be the one dealing with it. Luckily, there are experts for pelvic floor therapy in Houston who are dedicated to helping you out.

As a Houston motherhood photographer, I get the chance to chat with lots of new parents who have been through this exact situation. If you are considering trying out pelvic floor therapy in Houston, I would love to give you a list of places I always recommend. 

Find The Help You Need At These Centers For Pelvic Floor Therapy In Houston

A mother cradles her sleeping newborn baby while laying on a bed

The Pelvic Place Physical Therapy

1200 Binz Street, Suite 1025, Houston, Texas 77004

Pelvic Place Physical Therapy is a practice that is dedicated to helping people build up their pelvic health. The center has a variety of appointment options, including office visits, telemedicine consultations, and home concierge treatments. The treatments they offer are non-invasive and evidence-based. As you work one-on-one with your therapist, you will gain an education that will help you understand each movement and how it will help you regain strength. You can book their specialty services during both pregnancy and postpartum rehab. 

Empower Yourself PT

4909 Bissonnet St, Suite 115, Bellaire, Texas 77401

Empower Yourself PT offers you care that is as effective as it is compassionate. Throughout each pelvic floor therapy appointment, they listen to their Houston patients and work to understand what is happening with their bodies. From there, they will build a plan that is tailored to you. Their team has three different physical therapists. They also have flexible care that will actually work for you. Additionally, they let you bring along your children if you don’t have childcare and can come to you for an in-home visit. They are here for prenatal concerns, postpartum rehab, incontinence, pain during intimacy, diastasis recti, and more. 

Happy parents sit on a bed with their toddler and newborn baby in their arms before some Pelvic Floor Therapy Houston

Awareness Pelvic Health

1302 North Shepherd Drive, 3rd Floor, Houston, Texas 77008

Awareness Pelvic Health is a center that is dedicated to providing both individualized help. The physical therapists here are dedicated to getting at the why that lies behind your pelvic floor problems. Rather than using a blanket fix, they treat it as a puzzle and look at all the different factors that could be providing you with issues. They take a full-body approach and listen to your experiences and history. More than anything, Awareness Pelvic Health is your safe space where you can work one-on-one with a provider who understands the sensitivity of each case. 

Beckham Physical Therapy and Wellness

Beckham Physical Therapy and Wellness is a practice that was founded by Katie Beckham, a physical therapist who is passionate about providing the very latest in research. Katie views her education as ongoing. While she has her PT degree, she is consistently completing more hours so she can give her clients the very best. She runs her appointments out of her home, giving you a safe and private space where you can work together. In addition to her exercises, Katie provides additional services, including dry needling, massage, and healthy lifestyle coaching. She has specialty options you can use through pregnancy or in the postpartum stage. 

A happy new mom touches noses with her sleeping enwborn baby while standing in a studio

Inner Strength

12035 Dairy Ashford Road, #152, Houston, Texas 77079

Inner Strength is a holistic center that provides trauma-informed care to patients across the Houston area. They know all the work that you just experienced throughout pregnancy and labor, and they want to provide you with a support system that helps you thrive. Their services include pelvic floor therapy, postpartum support, and sex and intimacy wellness. Their pelvic floor therapy can help with urinary frequency or urge, pain, diastasis recti, perineal tears, and childbirth prep. Additionally, they can help you develop postpartum self-care strategies and coping strategies. 

Enso Mama

726 W. 25th Street, Houston, Texas 77008

Enso Mama is a practice that’s located inside a cute little bungalow with a bright blue door. The center was founded by Dr. Kate Cleveland, a seasoned physical therapist. Dr. Kate is a mom herself and knows all about what you’re going through right about now. She is dedicated to making sure you feel supported every step of the way. The home-like setting gives you a comfortable and private space where you will get to work together. If you would prefer, she is able to provide home visits around the greater Houston area.

A mom shows her toddler the feet and toes of her sleeping newborn baby in her arms while sitting on a couch before some Pelvic Floor Therapy Houston

Bercutt Physical Therapy

5252 Westchester St, Suite 255, Houston, Texas 77005

Bercutt Physical Therapy is a practice that offers specialists to address nearly all your concerns. In addition to their 2 large gyms, they have 8 private treatment rooms where you can have discreet help. Their Houston pelvic floor therapy specialists can assist with chronic pain, incontinence, scar pain, abdominal weakness, and dyspareunia. They offer specialty care throughout your pregnancy and the postpartum stage. They will work with you to prevent potential problems and rehab existing issues. Their goal is to help you get back to living your life without all the discomfort. 

PIONE3R Physical Therapy & Wellness

3315 Marquart Street, Houston, Texas 77027

PIONE3R Physical Therapy & Wellness is a woman-run center that does physical therapy a little bit differently. This practice goes above and beyond to provide you with the highest quality care available. They take a collaborative approach, keeping you informed along the way so you feel empowered to make your own healthcare decisions. They have a 3-step program that will start out by determining the root cause of your pain.

From there, they will help you find immediate relief while building a long-term solution so you can continue to feel your best long after your appointments are done. They want you to see 100% recovery from issues such as pelvic pain and discomfort. They will also be there to guide you through prenatal and postpartum exercises. 

A toddler girl explores her newborn baby sibling in mom's arms on a bed in a studio with dad looking on before mom gets some Pelvic Floor Therapy Houston

Take Back Your Body With Some Fantastic Pelvic Floor Therapy In Houston

Don’t let all the jokes and comments get you down. You really can have recovery from pelvic floor issues, and these centers for pelvic floor therapy in Houston can help. As far as making the rest of the postpartum stage a little more picturesque? Well, that’s why I’m here. I am a Houston motherhood photographer, and I adore working with parents to capture those precious early months of their baby’s life. I would love to show off my portfolio and tell you all about my sessions if you’ve been considering booking a session. Contact me soon so we can chat about how I can help you make memories!

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