The Itsy Bitsy Boutique: Uniquely Stylish Clothing for Kids

A toddler girl smiles over her shoulder while exploring a park at sunset in a pink onesie after visiting The Itsy Bitsy Boutique

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Buying kids’ clothing is one of those things that can be unnecessarily difficult. From the first day of your child’s life, they’re forming their personalities. You get to see how wonderfully unique they are, and you want to give them the chance to show that off! The same boring options from box stores simply won’t do. As a Houston family photographer, I get to chat with parents about kids’ fashion. If you’re looking for the best local shop for your child, let me tell you why The Itsy Bitsy Boutique might just be the spot for you! 

A happy mom kneels in a park at sunset with her happy toddler daughter in her lap after visiting The Itsy Bitsy Boutique

About The Itsy Bitsy Boutique

2511 River Oaks Blvd, Houston, Texas 77019

The Itsy Bitsy Boutique was founded by Houston native Susan Watt. Susan spent the early part of her career in San Francisco working merchandising and design for some of the biggest companies out there. When she moved back to Houston around 2009, she took that expertise and opened the boutique. Over 15 years, the shop has become one of the most beloved options for Texans, eventually moving locations so it could keep expanding. These days, Susan is a mom and stocks the shop with outfits she would want for her son. Her belief is that kids are only little once, so you might as well give them an adorable and playful wardrobe

A toddler girl in a pink onesie sits in a woven basket chewing her hand at sunset in a park


The Itsy Bitsy Boutique sells clothing for kids starting in infancy. Head over to their baby section to find options for nearly every occasion! They have vintage-inspired bubble suits, dainty dresses, and boys’ rompers. Their styles lean toward the prim and posh with pale stripes and Peter Pan collars. Nonetheless, they’re never too serious. Your child will love their cozy boat-themed sweaters and their birthday Jon Jons. 

The store has a selection that grows with your child. You can keep them in some of the best brands thanks to their offerings from names like Lison Paris, Tea Collection, Early Sunday, and Rachel Riley. Whether you need something for an upcoming wedding or a casual playdate, this shop has everything! 

A toddler girl smiles over her shoulder while exploring a park at sunset in a pink onesie after visiting The Itsy Bitsy Boutique


Itsy Bitsy Boutique knows how hard it can be to shop for tween girls. That’s why they offer a selection of clothing for girls up to the age of 16. Your daughter can effortlessly keep up with the trends without growing up too fast! While you’re there, you can get them accessories such as purses, stretch bracelets, and even shoes from brands like Steve Madden! 

You And Your Family Will Love Exploring The Itsy Bitsy Boutique

Life is way too short to buy family fashions you don’t love. Check out The Itsy Bitsy Boutique soon so you can stock up on some of the cutest clothing out there! 

Once you have some new styles, why not give your child the perfect way to show them off? As a Houston photographer, I love working with parents to give them memories of this wonderful time. I know from experience that these days fly by far too quickly, and I want to ensure you can hang onto every beautiful moment for the rest of your life. If you’ve been considering booking a session, let’s have a conversation so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. I hope to hear from you soon!

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