I wear many name tags, several of which include: baby whisperer, toddler wrangler, pampering coordinator, artwork designer, portrait hanger, memory keeper, joy-bringer, and your newest mom friend.

Hi there, I’m Kimberly: your warm-hearted photographer.


I really had no idea how much she would grow and change in such a short time. In one short year, she went from a tiny 5 lb newborn to a walking, talking toddler. No one can make you understand how fast that year flies by, and I regret not having professional photographs documenting her milestones.

 Now, I’m on a mission to help moms like you document each sweet journey from your baby bump, sweet newborn cuddles, first learning to sit, to toddling around at your baby’s first birthday cake smash session. There is nothing that can prepare you for that first year. 

I know what it is like to be a busy mom trying to grow a career or raise little ones and how overwhelming and stressful photo sessions can feel. That’s why I've crafted an unmatched portrait experience tailored for busy moms like you, who want to document your family’s most meaningful moments.

I remember being a first-time mom and anxiously waiting for the arrival of my baby.

I am drawn to the tender, non-posed moments within a family; I love the beauty and simplicity in naturally posed newborns, focusing on the details that make your baby and family unique. I am drawn to the quiet, tender moments you have when bringing home your first baby and the joyful excitement of a pregnant mom. I love watching siblings become big brothers/sisters and seeing their pride and joy for their new baby.

Documenting your family's memories is an honor, and I love capturing your family as authentically as possible. I know your images mean more to you than a social post or collecting dust on an old hard drive, and I take great pride in getting your images printed for you so you can leave a legacy. When your kids are grown, while they may have hundreds of thousands of images on the cloud of whatever the cloud is in 20-50 years, your most precious memories will be preserved on the walls of your home and in your heirloom albums.

I highlight the beauty in genuine, simple moments. 

my approach to photography

Houston Heights


My studio is located in the heart of Houston Heights, centrally located on Yale Street in a vintage bungalow, just a few steps away from farm-to-table restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and unique playgrounds!

The studio is all-white, filled with beautiful natural light, and is the perfect place to welcome your new baby and create lovely memories with your family.

It has a private bathroom as well as a fridge for any pumping or formula needs. Snacks and bottled water are always available to families in the studio.

In 2018, I officially launched my business, Grace and Giggles. 

I longed to know what all the buttons on our camera meant so I could photograph my new baby; I wanted beautiful photos of her, like all the gorgeous images I saw on Pinterest. She was growing and changing before my eyes, and I didn’t want to miss a single moment. 

I saw a camera as a challenge to conquer, as I have always loved learning new things. I began by reading a photography book that helped me understand the basics, and I started practicing. I enrolled in courses to fully understand the true art and technique of photography and started to take portraits with my “fancy camera” for friends and family. It was in those moments, full of heart, love and laughter, that I knew my true calling - my dream was becoming a reality. 

It all started when my husband bought us our first “fancy camera.”

Then, I pursued my inner desires and began my story of capturing life’s timeless moments professionally. 

The days were getting closer and closer to my twelve-week leave being over and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my baby to return to work. As I agonized over the decision, I knew in my heart I couldn’t go back to the long hours at the hospital. I cried over the life I was losing and rejoiced in the one I was gaining as a mom. I’m not going to lie; that first year was lonely, and I was bored. I loved being a mom, but I felt called to something deeper through motherhood.

It was 2015, and I had just had my first baby working as a physical therapist at a children’s hospital.

the journey here...

Psalm 127

Children are a gift from the Lord.”

Sometimes, when editing your photos, I smile until my face hurts, thinking about how much fun and joy we created during your session.


I just might shed a tear when watching your firstborn hold their new baby sibling for the first time.


One of my favorite things is when a client tells me I've turned their house into a home with artwork of their family.


I'm often called a baby whisperer by my clients.


Expectant moms and babies are my favorite things to photograph. I love the excitement experienced all around.


My favorite part about being a photographer is connecting with “mom”. I get to listen to her story, her love, and her raw emotions. 


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The time is now to set aside some quality time to take photographs you'll treasure forever.

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